Single Channel Pipettes

manual and electronic


Dispensers * Dilutors * Repeators *           Pipet Aide


All types of pipetting equipment as well as thermometers and balances

Same Day &

      Expedited Cleaning

Multi-Channel Pipettes

manual and electronic

Pipette Service, Repair and Calibration

Med-Cal Pipette has been dedicated to                    servicing the St. Louis area since 1996.  

Our Five Star ON-SITE services help keep the downtime to a minimum and maintaining your equipment with the highest standards helps to reduce waste and rework which in turn saves you money.  Our goal is to manage your PM schedule, provide certifiable paperwork and keep your equipment on the bench not in the dreaded  repair drawer!  


Med-Cal has set the standard in  providing pipette calibration, repair & certification services for private industries, universities, medical, biomedical, pharmaceutical and forensic research facilities to name a few.

Let us show you what FIVE STAR SERVICE is when you allow us to maintain your equipment!

Our technicians are extensively trained to comply with GMP, GLP, ISO, NCCLS, FDA, ASTM, and NIDA and we can provide specific documentation to meet the requirements of your lab.                                         

Our service will meet and exceed industry standards and our technicians have extensive experience in pipette calibration, repair & certification.

Pipette repair, calibration and certification is available on most major brands and types of pipettes. Brands include, but are not limited to, Rainin, Eppendorf, Oxford, Labsystems, Finn, Titertek, Biohit,
Wheaton, MLA, Matrix, Gilson, Nichiryo, and Transferpette.  
We can help maintain your Pipet Aides, Repeators, Dispensors, Dilutors, and can validate your thermometers and balances.   We service multi-channel and single-channel pipettes both electronic and manual.
Our technicians are trained to comply with all industry standards and have years of
experience in pipette calibration, repair & certification.

Our pipette calibration service Team is dedicated to provide outstanding customer service along with accuracy, precision, and repeatability on every pipette we service.  We are happy to provide our calibration services on-site within the St. Louis Metro area or mail-in service with a 48  hour turnaround for most services from anywhere in the United States.